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Texon creates the best products through continuous R&D and perfect quality control.

Texon is at the center of

Mobile communication change

Texon has been manufacturing and supplying related products for 30 years since its founding in accordance with the development of mobile communication in Korea. We develop, manufacture and supply the products demanded by customers based on our technology in the field of communication and semiconductor businesses.

Telecommunications Equipment

We produce wide range of products from telecommunication equipment cases like RRH, RU, BBU and cabinets to electric and electronic parts and server racks. As a trustworthy manufacturing partner, Seojin System offers cost competitiveness, advanced technology and reliable solutions.

Semiconductor Equipment

Based on the excellent manufacturing technology of Seojin System, we are producing OEM orders of world leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers. The semiconductor equipment manufacturing which is the most demanding in the equipment industry produces products with strict manufacturing process and quality control to meet customer specifications.


Energy Storage System

We supply products throughout the ESS industry like PCS, BCP and battery racks as the equipment of the energy storage system.

Cable Harness

We provide cable assemblies for all industries including power cables, communication cables, and data cables. We constantly produce products with better quality and price to provide customized service for all equipment. Based on our accumulated know-how in the manufacturing process, we supply the best products the customers requested.


We develop, produce and deliver products with the brand names requested by the purchaser.

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