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Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Based on accumulated know-how and core technologies,

we will become a global company that creates value in the world beyond Korea.

Based on accumulated know-how and core technologies,

Creative Management of trust and faith!

Since its foundation in 1984, Texon has been a leading company in the field of mobile communication equipment

manufacturing under the philosophy of Creative management.



Maximization of the value of individuals and businesses




Technology improvement completed with an active learning attitude




A united mind thinking of us

rather than myself


  • Creative Management

Make the company management transparent and honest.
Respond to customers, shareholders and stakeholders with open mind.
Adhere to law and ethics, and create a clean organizational culture.

  • Knowledge Management

Increase professionalism through constant self-development.
Take the lead in change and have future-oriented creative thinking.
Create new added value based on knowledge management.

  • Harmony & Solidarity

Understand and respect labor and management with open mind.
Praise and encourage each other to achieve goals.
Take initiative and love colleagues to create a family-like community.

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