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Talents We Desire

Right Talent

Texon fosters future-oriented talents who have one established ego and a clear goal
to see the forest rather than the tree.

Talents who have upright character, creativity and professionalism

with clear goals and vision to see the forest rather than the tree

Talents who have the competitive edge that is differentiated from others, know how to care for people around them, have ideas that can unleash their potential, and have wisdom to adapt to change and predict the future with an active and positive mindset
They are the right talents that Texon desires.

Global talent

A person who has an attitude to understand his/her position three-dimensionally and internationally in a clear goal and objective consciousness. A person who has the basic skills and ability to survive in the era of fierce competition.


Talents who constantly strive to become the best in their fields with their own competitiveness


Talents who contributes to the development of the company and society by cooperating in a society where people live in a flexible way of thinking and a good interpersonal relationship


Talents who have creative thinking and leads change with serious and active awareness of problems and creates new value

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