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Message to Shareholders

Shareholder’s Message

Texon is preparing for a new leap with substantial growth,
and will create the value of bigger company with Texon shareholders.

Global Production Capacity

We will work hard for value creation and transparent management for customers,

to take a leap in the midst of change, and to create a society that shares.

  • Telecommunications

  • Semiconductor

  • ESS

Unit: 100 million KRW

Inquiry on Investment

Please fill out the inquiry for any questions. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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Privacy Policy개인정보 취급방침에 동의해 주셔야 문의 메일 보내기 버튼이 나타납니다.

‘Texon Co., Ltd.’ (hereinafter ‘the company’) respects your personal information and abides by “the Act on the Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection”. The company will inform you of the purpose and manner in which the personal information you provide is being used and what steps are being taken to protect your privacy through the privacy policy. 

The company will notify you through the website announcement (or individual notice) when revising the privacy policy.

This policy will be effective as of February 1, 2015.

1. Items of personal information collectedThe company collects the following personal information for product and inquiries about affiliation.- Required Information: Name, email address- Optional Information: Contact, company nameIn addition, the following information may be automatically generated and collected during the process of using the service or processing the business.- User's browser type and OS, history(IP address, access time), cookieThe company collects personal information through user input method through web page ( and sometimes collects some information by printed paper document or e-mail.

2. Purpose of collection and use of personal informationThe company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.- Member Management: Identity verification for use of inquiry service, personal identification, prevention of unauthorized use of faulty member, prevention of unauthorized use, complaints handling, and forward notices

3. Retention and use period of personal informationAfter the purpose of collecting and using personal information is accomplished, the subjected information will be deleted without delay. However, the following information is retained for the specified period for the following reasons.- Retained item: Name, e-mail address, contact, access log, access IP information

- Reason: Policy of company’s internal website operation

- Retention period: 5 years

4. Deletion procedure and method of personal informationAfter the purpose of collecting and using personal information is accomplished, the company will delete the subjected information without delay. The procedure and method of deletion are as follows.- Deletion Procedure: The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB after the purpose is accomplished and stored for a certain period of time according to the internal policy and other relevant law and regulations (see the period of retention and use). Personal information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for any other purpose other than that held by law. - Deletion method: Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is deleted using a technical method that can not reproduce the record.

5. Providing personal informationIn principle, the company does not disclose the user's personal information to the third party. However, the exceptions are as follows.- If users agree in advance.- Follow the provisions of the Act or the requests from the investigating agency in accordance with procedures and methods set forth in the Act for investigation purposes.

6. Consignment of collected personal informationThe company will not entrust your information to third parties without your consent. In the event that such a need arises in the future, the company will notify you of the consignee and the details of the consigned business, and receive prior consent, if necessary.

7. User rights and duties, and how to exercise themyou may view or modify your registered personal information and request to delete or suspend it at any time. If you would like to delete or suspend your personal information, please contact the representative of personal information management by writing, phone or e-mail. We will take necessary actions without delay.You may not infringe on the personal information or privacy of the yourself or others that are processed according to the privacy policy by violating related laws such as the Privacy Act.

8. Technical and administrative protection measures of personal informationIn handling personal information of users, the company takes the following technical and administrative measures to ensure the safety of personal information to prevent loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damage.- Measures against hackingFor the security or continuous service of the website, the company is doing its best to prevent leakage or damage of the personal information of the member by hacking or computer virus. The company is backing up data from time to time in preparation for the damage of personal information, and using the latest vaccination program to prevent personal information or data from being leaked or damaged. The company securely transmits personal information over the network through passwords and telecommunication.The intrusion prevention system is used to control unauthorized access from the outside, and try to have all possible technical measures to secure system security.- Minimization and training of staff handing personal informationThe handling of personal information is limited to the appointed representative, and a separate password is assigned and updated periodically for the representative. The company emphasizes compliance with privacy policy via training.

9. Civil complaints on personal informationIn order to protect customer's personal information and to deal with complaints related to personal information, the company has appointed the related department and the manager of personal information management as follows.- Representative of Personal Information Management: Dong-Hoon Lee- Tel: 010-3898-1379- e-Mail: Manager of Personal Information Management: Director Hyung-Jo Paik- Tel: 010-3288-2512- e-Mail:

10. Obligation of noticeAny addition, deletion or modification to the contents of the current privacy policy will be notified on the home screen of the website at least 7 days before the amendment. However, significant changes in user rights, such as the collection and use of personal information, or the provision to third parties, will be notified at least 30 days in advance.

Addendum(Effective Date) This policy will be effective as of February 1, 2015.

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