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Technology Overview

Our Technology

TEXON’s technology recognized by the world!
It is the result of over 30 years of the continuous challenge for new technology development and technological innovation.

Mounting Design

  • Design of optimal mounting structure to meet customers’ requirements
  • Minimum and optimal mounting design for functional implementation
  • Design of optimal mounting structure considering temperature/steel structure/function

CFD (Heat/Flow Analysis)

  • Optimized design through heat/flow analysis
  • Shortened development period through optimization know-how accumulation

Structural Analysis

  • Load condition setting and analysis according to required specifications
  • Analysis of stress and displacement distribution of structures
  • Implementation of requirements to design through analysis

Analysis of Earthquake/Vibration

  • Finite element analysis
  • Natural frequency analysis
  • Completeness of design that meets specifications
  • Static load analysis
  • Excitation analysis

3D Design

  • 3D virtual machine design for optimization of mounting and structural design
  • System 3D based on the results of each analysis
  • Optimized VE design
  • Review of 3D modeling design, type synthesis, and mass production
  • Review of 3D modeling virtual installation and operability

Controller Design

  • Outdoor system environmental monitoring and control system design
  • Optimized design of control logic like fan and heater
  • Design of power distribution control panel like PDU and PDP
  • Design of aging test jig for mass production of fan module

R&D Center Organization Chart

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